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The Contortion Community

Where no spine goes uncurved

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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community for all people interested in learning about bendable bodies or bending and stretching their own bodies. Extreme skill is not required. Everyone should contribute and discuss; contortion enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

Image Use Policy:
Because photography is so central to the existence of the contortion community, and to the world of acrobatics in general, it is absolutely essential that privacy and intellectual property rights--particularly with regard to photographs--be respected. Please be aware that, unless otherwise stated, all images posted in this community are the property of the photographer. If you wish to reproduce any of these images on your own web site, or upload them to one of the many anonymous-upload contortion image sites (contorsion.com, picturama, etc.), you must first receive the explicit permission of the picture's owner. Violation of this policy will inevitably result in a generally decreased willingness to post pictures in the community. Remeber, IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE, WE WILL ALL LOSE SOMETHING.

A note to potential image posters:
Images posted here are viewable by absolutely everyone on the Internet. This is the nature of an open community and it is something we hope to continue doing as the community grows. Beware: Image theft does happen. If you post an image here, there is a chance that you will find it on another web site without the slightest bit of credit given. In the past, most web site operators have been willing to remove copyrighted images upon request. Nonetheless unauthorized reposting does occur.

People usually appreciate it if you put multiple, large images behind a "cut." The syntax for making a cut is as follows:

Outside text blah blah blah
<lj-cut text="Caption text, click here to see more...">
Inside text, images, etc.
More outside text...

A note on copyright:
When you take a picture, you own that picture and always have the ultimate say in what happens to it or what it is used for. For more information, visit copyright.gov.

Please send all questions or comments about this policy to the e-mail address listed above.

For those users who do not feel comfortable posting their images in a completely open forum, contortamink, one of our esteemed contributors, maintains a friends-only, moderated-membership contortion community called contortionize.

For those who are just beginning to study contortion and feel somewhat intimidated by the more advanced practitioners in this community, there is also bendypeople, which is much more beginner friendly, however beginners are more than welcome to post here too.

Contortion/Circus Arts Schools

-- Abbotsford Dance Center (Abbotsford, British Columbia)

-- Academy of Circus Arts (Newbury, UK)

-- Art of Gymnastics - contortion classes available (New Jersey, USA)

-- CircoArts (Christchurch, New Zealand)

-- Dance Extentions (Canonsburg, PA, USA)

-- Circus Factory - contact for private classes (Chicago, USA)

-- Circus Space (London, UK)

-- Ecole National de Cirque (Montreal, Quebec)

-- Meirmanov Sports Acro and Circus Arts - contact for private classes (Chicago, USA)

-- National Institute of Circus Arts (Prahran, Australia)

-- San Francisco Circus Center (San Francisco, USA)

-- West Coast Contortion (Surrey, British Columbia)

Other Resources

-- Using therabands to increase flexibility - USA gymnastics article

-- Stretching and Flexibility - a guide to different types of stretching