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I haven't done any contortion in a longggg time. I'm mostly self taught but I did take some classes a while ago. Then I just stopped. Now my 27th birthday is creeping up, I feel so stiff like an old lady. I want to stretch again and regain some flexibility. so here I am starting out as a noob :)
any other good active online contortion communities?

contortion / nightclub?


What do you guys think of working as a contortionist in a nightclub? I was considering trying to find out info about Webster's hall circus nights and how to work during this event: http://www.websterhall.com/nightclub/sat_circus.php

I do not feel comfortable exposing myself, however I imagine that if I wore something similar to this then perhaps a bodysuit / full-body unitard might be acceptable: http://image.dhgate.com/upload/20098/54/ff808081126e2366011271736c373dba/productimg1251220235768.jpg

I am still debating it since it would make contortion (and me) be hypersexual, and I do not know if I feel comfortable with it necessarily. Also, stretching for an hour is one thing, but from 10pm until 4am? I'm not so sure.

handbalance practice

i have been training sooooo much lately since i took a break off school to really put all my focus onto contortion/handbalance, and i think its starting to pay off, slowly but surely! I took video of some of my pactice today and put together a little something since i hadent posted anything on youtube in 4 years!!!!!! so here is the video, let me know what you guys think!

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Does anyone know where to find or how to make a silhouetted image like this one one? I want to make an image to put on shirts for my contortion duo. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Getting back into contortion and hand balancing

I am 23 years old and have been training in contortion and hand balacing for over 5 years now. But I just recently had a baby, and it's definitely been a little hard getting back into a routine of training again. Motivation is a little hard to comeby. I would be so happy if anyone can give me some good stretching techniques for legs (so I can get some more flexibility), as I do train on my own now, I am looking for other techniques. If anyone is able to help, please let me know. If not, thanks anyway.
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