theritzyflapper (theritzyflapper) wrote in c0ntortion,

hello! I'm New And Excited! :)

Hello everyone!! :) Im fairly new to contortion, i did try to pursue it back when i was in middle school but i got discouraged by family, and the fact that i have scoliosis so i have to work harder for my flexibility in my legs then in my back, which got a bit discouraging as well. i had stopped stretching for the rest of high-school but really missed it allot. I recently started to get back into it and im making great progress for having not stretched in a long time haha :P im so happy to have found online contortion communities to keep me motivated! :) i wish i knew about them when i was younger haha! :) i cant wait to get to know some of the people on here and hopefully learn some new things as well :)

best wishes to all,

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