3.14 (laaviebohemei) wrote in c0ntortion,

can't do MIDDLE splits, it might be a hi socket joint/turnout problem

I have the splits down on both sides.  But the problem is, I can't get down in all the way for the middle/center splits.  What is supposed to be 180 degrees is only 140 degrees, and it's uneven in the different legs.  The left leg goes to about 10 o'clock, and my right leg is at 2:30.  if I stand my shoulder against the wall( sideways), the leg that's up against the wall does make an 180 with my leg on the ground.like this picture, and I hope it's ok for the owner for me to use thispicture

.  I'm guess is it's actually a hip joint problem( I have a very small turn out), that my hips don't open to 180 but the muscles are flexible enough. If it is a turn out/hip joint problem, what can I do to get over this, or am I doomed to just never be able to do the middle splits?


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