Guinevere (parallel_rose) wrote in c0ntortion,

looking for a contortionist performer near NYC

Hi, I'm part of a cyberpunk band with tinges of mad science mythology and I'm hoping to get a contortionist for one of the songs in our upcoming performance. The song is about a human who gets transformed into a half-dragonfly, half-humanoid creature by a mad scientist who de-bones the human and then ossifies his/her skin to create an exoskeleton. I want to try to get a contortionist for the metamorphosizing human-to-dragonfly character. Lots of improv and fun dancing and acting. We're performing on December 21st 9pm in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and starting general rehearsals soon. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

My email: psychecorporation (at) gmail (dot) com

the band:

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