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Where no spine goes uncurved
Where no spine goes uncurved...

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This is for a PAID, high end event on May 2nd 8-11PM.

Please send your photos and resume or CV and contact me further info.

Creative Operations Manager
theatreMAMA, NYC

location: New York
hello! I'm New And Excited! :)

Hello everyone!! :) Im fairly new to contortion, i did try to pursue it back when i was in middle school but i got discouraged by family, and the fact that i have scoliosis so i have to work harder for my flexibility in my legs then in my back, which got a bit discouraging as well. i had stopped stretching for the rest of high-school but really missed it allot. I recently started to get back into it and im making great progress for having not stretched in a long time haha :P im so happy to have found online contortion communities to keep me motivated! :) i wish i knew about them when i was younger haha! :) i cant wait to get to know some of the people on here and hopefully learn some new things as well :)

best wishes to all,

Seeking Contortionists for NYC

Hi contortionist community!
We're working on film that could be a great opportunity and showcase for a lot of the artist on this page. We found your information online and thought you may be interested in submitting. The film is an experimental project, and it is the story of a Magician in a very surreal setting of New York, who battles his demons but eventually finds an angel.

All the details are below. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Isabelle Turcotte
ph. 646.458.1874


M or F/ Any Age Range. MUST be able to contort body into legitimate
contortionist poses.
Talent MUST submit pictures (snapshots are fine) in various
contortionist positions in order to be considered.

TYPE: Film
DATES: TBD (First two weeks of August)
AUDITION: Booking direct from photos or a brief interview. 

Name, Contact #, Various Photos (In Contortioned positions, 1 face
photo) & confirmation of availability for potential shoot dates.
EMAIL TO: isabelle@cavazosfilm.com
SUBJECT: Cavazos Films plus your name

Walk on Role with ZARKANA

Cirque is auctioning a walk on role and a backstage visit at Radio City to support Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

Check it out: 



New York Based student Photographer

 Hey everyone,

I just joined LJ so to be able to post on this community. I'm a NYC based photographer, studying photography at Fashion Institute of Technology. I'm nearing the end of my semester and I have to finish putting together my portfolio. I've been itching to photograph a contortionist artist to put as a finishing piece in my portfolio, and I would love to get to know some of you guys if you're in the area and want to get in front of a camera. I usually work with Makeup artists and wardrobe stylists to produce beautiful images, and we all work together as a team, model included. So if anyone is interested, please contact me by e-mail or reply to this post if you want. I don't discriminate between gender, height or experience you may have, but I am often time looking for a specific look. So please don't be afraid to contact me!

My e-mail is gianna_rovelli@hotmail.com


Jessi the Buckeye [userpic]
New Chest stand video! A minute of pure cheststands.

Hey y'all!

I made a new video of just having a little fun doing some random chest stands. It is like a minute long. It's silly and fun. Check it out!


Yaaaay. =]

Jessi the Buckeye [userpic]
I'm so sorry!

I'm trying to fix my cut HTML so my last entry doesn't bomb your page. but it's not doing it!!!! HELP!!!! see?!?!?

<lj-cut text="WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?!!!">

I <3 Contortion


Jessi the Buckeye [userpic]
NEW pictures! Yay!

NOTE: I'm so sorry! MY TAG ISN'T WORKING NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!!!! So I'm going to send you a link to the album.....


Hey y'all!

I just wanted to update y'all on my rebuilding strength, and restoring my flexibily after an incredible medical battle. Enjoy! =] MORE IN MY ALBUM!

I really hope you all enjoy these. I will keep posting my ongoing process.

Thank you very much!
Jessi Buckeye aka Contortionist Jessi. =]

location: Orlando
Jessi the Buckeye [userpic]
I'm baaaaack.

Hey everyone.

Some of you may remember me. A few years ago, I was a quite well known around the online contortion community known as contortionistjessi and obviously infected_ex. I was featured on many sites and one of my videos was on Attack of the Show. This peaked around 2008. In 2009, I became severely anorexic and had to enter acute inpatient at 5' 2" 60 pounds. I was on bed rest for 2 1/2 months, on an NG Tube for 6, and in a wheelchair for 6. I had re-feeding syndrome, renal, kidney, pancreatic, and liver failure. I had to rebuild everything. My muscles, bones, organs, heart, ability to walk, and everything more.

But 2 years later, here I am again. Ready to show my face to the Contortion world again and live my dream.

I have lost a lot of flexibility and strength, but I am determined to get it back. I will be what I want. I will be confident. 

I have a video of how I am now on youtube right now


Thank you so much. Missed Y'all!

Looking for a Contortionist for Video

I am a Graduate Student in New York City at Columbia University working on my Master's in Fine Art. For my final project I would like to use a contortionist for part of a video I will be making. It would be a very low commitment and a fast shoot. The final piece will be exhibited at a museum in the City. I  can provide all of the details if you are interested.

I can pay a little, but would mostly be offering the video for your reel and photography. you can check out my website to get a sense of my aesthetic: www.juliasherman.com

Thank you so much for your time!


wretchedkunt [userpic]
(no subject)

I haven't done any contortion in a longggg time. I'm mostly self taught but I did take some classes a while ago. Then I just stopped. Now my 27th birthday is creeping up, I feel so stiff like an old lady. I want to stretch again and regain some flexibility. so here I am starting out as a noob :)
any other good active online contortion communities?

hayleyiscirque [userpic]

luckyvolatility [userpic]
(no subject)

Just thought I'd post this image taken of me at an 80's party..
Just starting to get into contortion, but I thought it was a funny shot.

hayleyiscirque [userpic]

ive been a part of this community for 5 YEARS! That's crazy. just was thinking about that...

kosubalova [userpic]
contortion / nightclub?


What do you guys think of working as a contortionist in a nightclub? I was considering trying to find out info about Webster's hall circus nights and how to work during this event: http://www.websterhall.com/nightclub/sat_circus.php

I do not feel comfortable exposing myself, however I imagine that if I wore something similar to this then perhaps a bodysuit / full-body unitard might be acceptable: http://image.dhgate.com/upload/20098/54/ff808081126e2366011271736c373dba/productimg1251220235768.jpg

I am still debating it since it would make contortion (and me) be hypersexual, and I do not know if I feel comfortable with it necessarily. Also, stretching for an hour is one thing, but from 10pm until 4am? I'm not so sure.

hayleyiscirque [userpic]
handbalance practice

i have been training sooooo much lately since i took a break off school to really put all my focus onto contortion/handbalance, and i think its starting to pay off, slowly but surely! I took video of some of my pactice today and put together a little something since i hadent posted anything on youtube in 4 years!!!!!! so here is the video, let me know what you guys think!


serrin [userpic]

Does anyone know where to find or how to make a silhouetted image like this one one? I want to make an image to put on shirts for my contortion duo. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


i am new to this site and new to contornist! i am no where near flexible! but i would like to find out what  school i can go to!

Contortionist videos

Two which include a rhythmic gymnast I'm using in a film and a ... ahem... third video.

Getting back into contortion and hand balancing

I am 23 years old and have been training in contortion and hand balacing for over 5 years now. But I just recently had a baby, and it's definitely been a little hard getting back into a routine of training again. Motivation is a little hard to comeby. I would be so happy if anyone can give me some good stretching techniques for legs (so I can get some more flexibility), as I do train on my own now, I am looking for other techniques. If anyone is able to help, please let me know. If not, thanks anyway.

Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
hayleyiscirque [userpic]
contortion fashion

I found this on a magazine web site http://www.viceland.com/int/v16n8/htdocs/fashion-bendy-989.php?page=1
Its a girl doing contortion for a photoshoot, really cool!

I also havent posted any pictures of what i have been doing lately so here are some pictures taken of me from this years Cirque Berzerk show :)
Cirque berzerkCollapse )

forgatmigej [userpic]
Bakc again

Hey guys!
I have not posted on here in like 2 years, but I thought I'd ask for some advice. I used to be really good at contortion and handbalancing until I got sick and quit and I'm really trying to get back into it. Is there any recent websites that would be worth checking out? I don't have as many resources as I used to as I am now in college and have all that to worry about. But I'm looking for a school in my area, maybe a cirque school or even gymnastics, just something to help me get back into it a little easier. I live in the Arizona, in the Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria area, anyone know any schools here?

Thanks and any advice would help. I'm having real problems with my back right now. I can't seem to go farther than touch my toes to my head, sad  I know. Any suggestions of how to get it back?

Thank you!

Here is  some of my old photos just so you can see what I miss so much, mind you they're really old :)

Me in the old daysCollapse )


 For all our friends interested in the next ICC/Las Vegas 2009, please check out our site: www.icc-convention.com More information coming soon!
If you have any questions, please contact me any time:
See you there!

Versaillesse [userpic]
Let's try this again...

Okay, so clearly that DIDN'T work.

Versaillesse [userpic]
Not contortion, exactly...

These are some pictures from my most recent performance, doing Spanish Web. Not sure if I posted them correctly, but we'll see if this works.

<a href="http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/?action=view&current=lj4.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/lj4.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


<a href="http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/?action=view&current=lj3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/lj3.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


<a href="http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/?action=view&current=lj2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/lj2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


<a href="http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/?action=view&current=lj1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww2/VersaillesseLJ/lj1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


My 7 yo daughter has been practicing contortion for the past 3 years and performs mainly at dance competitions.  She enjoys performing and therefore we have begun to look at other avenues for her to perform.  I will try to attach a few photos of some of her recent accomplishments.  We have been blessed to have some wonderful trainers who care first about Corrinne and who know how to show her what she is capable of accomplishing. The one thing I have learned through this process is that nothing has been painful.  She has to work at it and she may be sore after a long session, but she is never in pain.

Well, hello there!

So, I've been a front-bending contortionist for as long as I can remember, found this place, and thought I'd join in! I don't really know anyone else of moderate-to-extreme flexibility, and I figured it would be cool to have a chat.

I'm particularly interested in the Contortionist's Handbook, since all my flexibility comes naturally, and I have no formal training. Might be pretty cool!

I do have a question for you guys, though; how many of you are double-jointed as well as just very flexible?

Unexperienced assistants

How do ya'll feel about having someone with no experience help to perform assisted stretches? Would you steer clear of certain exercises with someone inexperienced?

If it's an absolute no, how do you find someone that could help? A gymnastic's coach maybe?

bent77 [userpic]

I am a long time lurker.I am interested in begining to start training my body.I'm having a hard time finding directions with photos online for stretching excercises.Do you guys know ofan illustrated book,or a website?Also,any advice for a beginner?

thank you!!

luckyvolatility [userpic]
(no subject)

I love this community page.. it's great to read through and get someone else's perspective on things..
I have a question for you guys.
I recently pulled a muscled in my hip area. ( I was doing aerial acrobatics and had my legs locked around my partners waist, when I was above him (we were back to back) and then I let go and came down to be facing his back.. but my legs weren't in the right position, and it pushed my hips open really far and hurt my right hip area a lot.)

anyway, the question is, is it better to gently stretch through the pain a little, or just let the leg be for awhile.. as it is, I've lost a lot of my almost middles split, and I'm afraid if I don't keep stretching it, it will be gone, gone, gone.

hayleyiscirque [userpic]

I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unmotivated lately!!!!!!!! its totally killin me!  My coach has totally been on my back about me being lazy and not workin hard enough, which makes me really upset and not want to work :( contortion is HARD , handbalancing is HARD! i wish it was easy sometimes hahah! im getting a little frusterated! sooooo  you guys should give me some motivation! hehe! My coach's reality check was HARSH but true, but I think i need to hear some good things too. Im already my worst critic, but hearing it from someone else just hits another chord :(

These are just some things i did over the past few months, feeling some stuff out

wild_stars [userpic]
stretching and pelvic floor muscles

this sounds really off the wall but I figured I would ask you guys, as you probably know your bodies better than most other people-
Can you think of any stretches/movements that would help stretch or relax the pelvic floor muscles?

3.14 [userpic]
can't do MIDDLE splits, it might be a hi socket joint/turnout problem

I have the splits down on both sides.  But the problem is, I can't get down in all the way for the middle/center splits.  What is supposed to be 180 degrees is only 140 degrees, and it's uneven in the different legs.  The left leg goes to about 10 o'clock, and my right leg is at 2:30.  if I stand my shoulder against the wall( sideways), the leg that's up against the wall does make an 180 with my leg on the ground.like this picture, and I hope it's ok for the owner for me to use thispicture

.  I'm guess is it's actually a hip joint problem( I have a very small turn out), that my hips don't open to 180 but the muscles are flexible enough. If it is a turn out/hip joint problem, what can I do to get over this, or am I doomed to just never be able to do the middle splits?


Ephemeral Mists "Moon Ritual"

Ephemeral Mists is a new musical project by composer Brett Branning (also the composer for The synthetic dream foundation & Abandoned Toys). "Moon Ritual" is the debut cd, out now on Mythical records.

The sound of the project is best described as downtempo ambient new age music mixed with ethnic world musics in the vein of "Karma" era Delerium, Amethystium, and Dead Can Dance. Its really a an incredibly beautiful creation to be used as yoga music or Reiki music. and I sincerely recommend it to anyone into newage music styles. I'm looking forward to further releases by this project.

(no subject)

hello everyone!

i'm a looooong time lurker of this community and i've finally gotten down to doing my first post since my big exams are over.
like the newbie before me, i'm a dancer too, though most of you will agree, quite a fat one :o(
i would really like to go into contortion except my back flexibility really sucks, so i'm here to learn.

i've posted some "where-i-am-starting-off-from" pictures.
please do provide criticism if you see anything wrong or if you think i can improve on something.
i really need to improve my upper back flex :o(

its great that this community isn't entirely dead yet, keep bendy people!

+6 more pics! thank you :)Collapse )

Нелюдимая [userpic]
Defying all logic?

Am I going crazy here or has anyone else experienced this:
Flexibility is supposed to be all about use it or lose it, but has any of you ever felt that you are MORE flexible than ever when coming back from a few week's rest with little or no stretching?
I have felt it on several occasions, last time just today, and I'm wondering what the hell is up? Could it be that my usual routine is too intense and causes me to tense up in a way I normally don't get enough rest from? Other theories? Insanity?

Contortionist Needed for NYC Fashion Editorial Shoot/ Vice Magazine

Hi contortionist community!
We're working on a print project that would be a great opportunity for a lot of the skills I'm seeing on this page. Impossible casting is currently working on a fashion editorial print project with Vice Magazine seeking contortionists for a photo shoot in the coming weeks. We found your information online and thought you may be interested in submitting.
All the details are below, I know the rate may be a little bit less than usual but it's great exposure in the magazine with a hot photographer. Check out his work and see what you think (link below).

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Matthew Wulf
Casting Director
.impossible casting.
122 w.26th st. studio 600
ph. 212.255.3029
em. matt@impossiblecasting.com

TYPE: Fashion Editorial
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jason Nocito (jasonnocito.com)
RATE: $100+20%
SHOOT DATE: TBD (Btwn. Jan 20th-30th)
CASTING: Impossible Casting
AUDITION: (Direct Booking From Photo)


M or F/ Any Age Range. MUST be able to contort body into legitimate
contortionist poses.
Talent MUST submit pictures (snapshots are fine) in various
contortionist positions in order to be considered.

Name, Contact #, Various Photos (In Contortioned positions, 1 face
photo) & confirmation of availability for potential shoot dates.
EMAIL TO: submit@impossiblecasting.com
SUBJECT: Vice Magazine & Your Name

location: NYC
Current Mood: accomplished
applestew [userpic]

Hi, I'm new, can't contort to save my life. Just working on getting more flexible at the moment so I can start in the future. Saw the cirque du soleil show (can't remeber which one though) about a year ago and got hooked on the idea of becoming a contortionist. So yeh, just introducing myself to prove there are some not-particularly bendy people on here too. x

New to contortion

Hi! My name is Cheri, im very new to contortion...I am a hula hooper and i think that contortion will be a great addition to my act ( I was really inspired by Elena Lev's act in Alegria). But the thing is i dont realy know where to start! Im not really all that flexible as is, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a beginners daily stretching routine i can do (I particularly need to practice backbending and a basic split). Any ideas will be great! Thanks!

2008 Splits

I had my last practice of 2008 today. My down dog is doing better than the DOW dogs;) It felt great to do the splits. As a warm-up for splits I do lunges, the yoga bow pose, and stretch my quads and hip flexors.

Happy New Year!

Current Mood: energetic energetic
Surprisingly structural. [userpic]
I've got my splits! Well, on one side anyway.

There used to be more pictures here of amateur folks stretching when the group was livelier, so I feel self-conscious... but I always promised myself I'd post here when I had at least one of my splits to the point where I could do it regularly, and (amazingly) that time has come! It's something I've wanted to do all my life, and this is the first time I've gotten it, at the tender age of 31. It's helped me a lot to do my most serious stretching right after a strength workout; squats especially seem to tire out my legs enough that the muscles are more willing to relax in a split position.

This is the left side -- I'm hoping that in 2009 I'll start touching down on the right side more regularly, and get these hips a little more square.

And, for your viewing pleasure, a couple of backbends. I've been able to do both of these for a while.

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Guinevere [userpic]
looking for a contortionist performer near NYC

Hi, I'm part of a cyberpunk band with tinges of mad science mythology and I'm hoping to get a contortionist for one of the songs in our upcoming performance. The song is about a human who gets transformed into a half-dragonfly, half-humanoid creature by a mad scientist who de-bones the human and then ossifies his/her skin to create an exoskeleton. I want to try to get a contortionist for the metamorphosizing human-to-dragonfly character. Lots of improv and fun dancing and acting. We're performing on December 21st 9pm in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and starting general rehearsals soon. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

My email: psychecorporation (at) gmail (dot) com

the band: myspace.com/psychecorp

contortion mommies

are there any other mothers who are contortionists out there or am i the only one?


what do yall eat?! im a vegetarian, and since ive been stretching alot my appetite has gone. im 145, so needless to say my weight is getting in the way at this point. im not a diet finatic but i was wandering around about what you guys eat like, cuz yall are all sooooo thin. lol

aspiring contortionist

im new to the community. : )
just found yall, and was very surprised. i thought the handbook was the only thing out there. so im so thrilled. ive been practicing contortion for about 6 mon now but have been doing yoga to extreme yoga for 8 years now, so im pretty limber. alot of the stretches i went right into. i have had 2 cesarians though and am trying to lose all the baby weight, but im kinda wandering if the incisions are going to inhibit me from any extreme back bending? so im mostly here for socialisation right now. cant wait to start talking to others with this (in my wolrd anyway) unique interest. lol

gummylegs [userpic]
Back Pain

Hello everyone! My back is the least flexible in my body I have great hips and hamstrings flexibility. However, everytime I stretch my back I am in pain. I mean everytime. I don't have a bath in my house only stand-in showers so I can't take a bath in epsom salt but what are some other remedies that can help ease the pain? Should I be stretching through the pain as well? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

my splits contest!

I'd like to invite everyone to participate in my contest for the best splits!  Prizes can be won too :)
x elly

kReEsTaL [userpic]
Vintage contorsion pictures

Hello guys! First post here. I found astounding vintage contorsion pictures and thought you might enjoy them. (If the mods think it's inappropriate, please remove this post.)

All pictures come from the wonderful book "The Circus, 1870-1950" by TASCHEN, whichs contains about 900 other color and B&W vintage illustrations and photographs!

Please read my review on my blog and leaf through the book here.

The Circus, 1870-1950 by TASCHEN
One more vintage picCollapse )

anatomizable [userpic]
Rotating hip pain....

Does anyone have pain when they rotate their hip? I'm not talking about when your foot is pointed and touching the ground -- I'm talking about when your leg is elevated and you rotate it - turned out - from the front, side and then to the back. For years I always have pain when doing this. Usually, my hip will pop loudly and painfully, and then no longer hurt, but the whole process of repetition to get myself to the point of the "pop" is extremely discomforting. This only gets worse if I extend my leg to hip level height, and even worse if I extend my leg to the side at the shoulder -- that's when I simply cannot rotate it to the front or the back . . . I literally have to put it down to the ground or lower it and then rotate!

Hope this makes sense. Anyone have any idea of what this is?

Contortionist Needed for WINTUK Mobile Marketing Tour

 Theatre MAMA seeks to hire a contortionist for an 8-week Mobile Marketing Tour to visit surrounding towns in the Tri-State area for 8 weeks to promote a Cirque du Soleil’s WINTUK coming into Manhattan this fall for 3 months. For Mobile Marketing Tour, we will leave from NY City every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, to then return at the end of each day. 

Imagine a pair of stilt-walking minstrels around a city’s Downtown area at 5pm to wave goodnight to all of the commuters and leave them with a flier announcing the arrival of WINTUK by Cirque du Soleil. Imagine a delicate mime character sitting in a grassy park with 30 children around...all wearing clown noses AND smiles. Imagine a tumbler wowing crowds on a busy day in the park! 

For the Promotional Characters, we seek performers who see this as an opportunity to perfect their craft. Candidates must have a love for “causing a scene” and have a talent for balancing the art of performing and handing out fliers to the public. Finally, the ideal candidate must be comfortable promoting outside on our world’s largest stage, and must be excited about WINTUK! 

The performers hired must be available for the entire run of the tour. We will be casting this week. For all interested applicants, please first submit your interest in our casting network athttp://www.theatremama.com/casting and once in the system, please apply for the specific job Mobile Marketing Tour and a Theatre MAMA representative will be in touch with you. 

This is a paid gig which requires the utmost professionalism. 

Thank you so much for your interest! ;)...


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